Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is such a wonderful woman. Absolutely gorgeous! Always a beautiful, sexy and desirable woman. Was born on June 4, 1975, her parents being Marcheline Bertrand, an American actress, and Jon Voight, an American actor who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in the year 1979. Jolie was married to actor Billy Bob Thornton, the date when the happy event happened being May 5, 2000, in Las Vegas. She was 29, he was 44, wasn’t the difference between them too big? What was in her head when she agreed to marry with this “grandfather”? Angelina Jolie “intentionally tried to hurt” her ex-husband Brad Pitt when he decided to sell his stake in their vineyard to a Russian oligarch. Is Angelina Jolie a female avenger?


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“I would start drinking something terrible if I were in a situation where I was surrounded by lies or quiet or secrets. It’s just not a real life”, said Angelina Jolie. Maybe she has good advisers who advise her to speak so beautifully, in general, all successful stars have advisors for everything, for clothing, for public statements, for purchases and investments. The truth is that you are surrounded only by people who tell lies all the time or who always hide the truth, your life is not very happy. Also if you gather uneducated people around you, you will sink yourself into a kind of mire.


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Angelina Jolie’s Family – These are the biological children. Shiloh resembles her mom 100%,Vivienne is a copy of her dad n Knox resembles both parents. Beautiful children! Actually, Angelina has 6 kids, three of her children being adopted. An extraordinary thing, adopting children from a disadvantaged area in almost every way, even if she was advised by someone, means a lot. From a beautiful and smart couple From a beautiful and smart couple, only beautiful and intelligent children could result. There are exceptions, but not in this case.


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Someone said that she is beautiful with a ton of makeup on her. If we analyze the beauty of many women, we find that most women use “a ton” of make-up. Few women are naturally beautiful. Each movie star is in part a product, someone invests in actors, stars, singers, they are promoted, they are made known with a well-defined purpose. Angelina Jolie must be beautiful, the public must like her, even if sometimes she shocks with her behavior.


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All the beautiful women in Hollywood have to generate income. An industry like the cinematographic one, generates huge income, it doesn’t matter a ton of makeup, it doesn’t matter that some stars are promoted excessively, it doesn’t matter the sexual scandals in Hollywood, only the income matters.

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