Beautiful model

Beautiful model with long hair, charming eyes and I think long legs. A real woman. Does anyone know her age, if she is married or if she is divorced? Most women hide their age because the beautiful women want to be considered all the time, at almost any age, fatal women. Maybe she is 35 years old, 32-36 with maximum accuracy. An important feature, this almost perfect model has large breasts and in all presentations discreetly exposes the curves of the body. A beautiful, well-proportioned, attractive and wonderful body. Curves always have something beautiful in them, I’m not referring to the curves on the street, those are completely uninteresting. And if we add beautiful eyes to these curves, we have a real model.

How many men are in this model’s life? Who pulls her hair at night, who is playing with her curves? A single man or many people, at the same time, more precisely over the course of a day? The world is full by naughty men who seek sexy and beautiful women for casual sex, rich or very rich men. Maybe she is a saint and no one touches her beautiful and long legs but do you have time to believe this? If your wife is a real model, many men daydream when they are around her, including her boss. For a promotion, for an extended leave, for a salary increase, your wife or your girlfriend, she doesn’t give up at her clothes (at all clothing) when she is with her boss, alone in the office, “for educational purposes” or something else?

“Apart from you, there was only one other person in my life,” she says. A beautiful wife or a girlfriend with special physical qualities has not had a single man in bed next to her throughout her life. Maybe there are female models who have never been touched in a certain way by a man, these are called nuns but also some of them remain pregnant and not from the holy spirit. What is the most important question when we talk about a couple relationship? Should I trust my life partner? Confidence in a beautiful woman, in a model woman it’s one of the biggest mistakes.

Wear this woman underwear? I don’t believe. I think she never wears. Why? Her body is fantastic, Men don’t want this body? This question has only one answer. Beautiful, charming, sexy … and with panties, spoils all the charm, much better without panties.

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